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School's Out For Summer! Is Your Place Of Business Child-Friendly?


Any business has a much greater chance of attracting new customers and retaining high-quality employees if the enterprise is child-friendly. A child-friendly business does not necessarily mean one that has a large play area or child care center right on the premises. Parents with children simply want local shops and businesses where they can go and feel comfortable with their children in tow. Parents also appreciate an employer who understands parental responsibilities and is flexible when necessary. If you are wondering whether your business is child-friendly or you want to take steps to make it child-friendly, the following ideas can help get you moving in the right direction:

  • Place fragile items higher up on shelves so they are out of sight and out of reach to young children.
  • Set up a small table and chairs in the corner of your reception area or storefront. Add coloring books, crayons, story books, toys, or even a small television with a video on a continuous loop so the children can be entertained while their parents shop or discuss business.
  • If you want to continue doing business with parents, treat the children of your customers and employees with kindness and respect.
  • Offer flexible work schedules for parents of school-age children if possible.
  • Offer healthcare benefits to your employees as well as their spouse and children.
  • Provide access to child care, daycare, or other similar services when possible, making your business more attractive for quality employees.
  • Set up a break room or other safe place where parents with newborns or young children can have a little privacy to feed, change, and tend to their children.

Another essential part of maintaining a child-friendly business is having adequate insurance to protect you and your business from claims, lawsuits, or other legal actions filed by a customer. If a child sustains injury while at your place of business, an employee claims you failed to adhere to family leave laws, or a customer files a lawsuit against your business alleging that an employee had inappropriate contact with a minor, are you fully protected? Will you have the financial means necessary to cover these types of legal costs? Will you have enough to cover medical expenses related to an on-site injury? What if a child’s actions result in substantial loss or damage to your goods, materials, or equipment? Without adequate business insurance coverage in place, you could suffer significant and unnecessary financial losses.

We can offer your business a variety of insurance policies and plans that provide benefits to your employees, spouses, and children. We are available to answer your questions and assist you at a time that is convenient to you. To have an agent review your existing policy and show you various options that could increase your coverage while cutting your costs, contact our local agency.

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